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CNC Part Program Preparation

We provide an affordable off-site Part Programming service for most metal cutting machines, including Lathes to 6 axis and machining centres and milling machines to 4 axis. We are able to work in most programming languages, including Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens, Mazatrol and Phillips.

We have a good understanding of machine practices, with wide experience of hands on machining with a wide variety of metal cutting machines both turning and milling.

Using CAD/CAM, part programs can be generated from customer drawings. Each programming package can include set-up details, tooling sheets, tool path details and machining times, depending on individual customer requirements.

Post processing is quick and easy and can be set-up to suit your machines and working practices. Generated programs can be e-mailed for loading to your machine, or we can visit to assist with proving and set-up.

Part program generation using CAD/CAM is an affordable alternative when your own shop floor programmer/setter may be struggling with a complex milled profile or shapes. Also on large programs big savings on programming time can be achieved.

Manual written Programs

Alternative to CAD/CAM generated programs are the manually produced part program, these will be concise, and when using sub-programs and canned cycles, can do the job using minimum program blocks therefore less machine memory. These programs are easy to load, easy to edit on the shop floor and easy to understand and better suited to older machine tools and more basic work shop set-ups.

JH CNC is able to provide the expertise to deliver to your company either method of part program generation. Part programs produced can be supported with machining operation sheets, tooling lists and set-up sheets, all with the objective of using best methods and machining strategy to giving optimum tool life and best cycle times.

CNC ProgrammingMilling Specialist Procedures

  • Thread milling
  • Use of Probes and tool detection
  • Use of pallet systems.

Turning Specialist Procedures

  • Roughing and finishing cycles
  • Tip nose radius compensation
  • Live tooling
  • Sub-spindle machining
  • Bar feed techniques and bar feeders.

Up Loading and Down Loading Program Data

We will be happy to help you to load programs onto your machines via DNC and RS232 links and software.


CNC Part Program Preparation
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